Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hmmm... my bad.

Gap Year stuff is on the back burner until the Christmas holidays. School deadlines see!... Another *counts* 10 months and I'll be boarding with no deadlines at all. No eBooks, no drama productions, no mathematical equations that could make Einstein sweat.

Also, the reason why I just chose Banff doesn't actually exist in my head. I need to cover Lake Louise too. And Whistler. For God Sake why didn't I look at Whistler?

Some good news however, Si has expressed interest in going to Canada with some mates for a few months while I'm over there and stopping off at Whistler. If I don't chose to go to Whistler then I'll definitely go and visit him.

Oooh, and for all those who have been boarding and skiing, you'll know that its pretty obvious I'm gonna get injured. So I'm adding a counter (within the links bar) that will track my health progress.

Edit: Ahhh Wikipedia. Always there to prove me wrong and to make this post rather worthless. Whistler is in BC. Dammit. And Lake Louise? A tiny resort.

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