Sunday, October 29, 2006


Banff, Alberta is obviously in the Alberta side of the Rockys. Very close to Calgary, which is only 8 hours flightish form England! Woop!
Now some of you (if there ARE any of you) may be thinkin... Calgary... which awesome film have I heard that name from? Its 'Cool Runnings'! One of the best films ever made in my opinion. The Bobsleigh event happened in Calgary in the 1988 winter Olympics in Canada. I may just have to visit there if I fly to Calgary which I most likely will do sometime within the year.

Anyways, next steps are to look up Visa information and then contact a bar in Banff!
By the way, I'm havng trouble pronouncing Banff... its just not right! lol.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Drinking ages

Here's the drinking ages by the way:

Alberta 18
British Columbia 19
Manitoba 18
New Brunswick 19
Newfoundland and Labrador 19
Northwest Territories 19
Nova Scotia 19
Ontario 19
Prince Edward Island 19
Qu├ębec 18
Saskatchewan 19
Yukon 19

Quite sad isn't it, planning my holiday around drinking ages. My excuse is that I don't want to work in another hotel/restaurant for a good few years now! And the only way to work in a bar would be if I was legal.
Now see the Rocky Mountains? See how half are in BC and half in Alberta? That's going to be a critical point!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Woo - New blog

Hey all, I know its a bit early but I've set up my blog for my gap year.
Its gonna be awesome, i'll be posting picture, videos, random events all on this blog.

But up until September 1st(ish) 2007, this is gonna be a store for all my latest booking information. Where i'm planning to go, blah blah blah.

OK, so current plans:
  • Going to Canada for 10/11 months. Sept 07 - June/July 08
  • For the ski season, work in a ski resort in a bar while snowboarding in the day.
  • When the seasons over, tour rest of Canada.
  • Hopefully meet up with SamFlan while he's out there biking.

Current problems are:
  • In most provinces (not states. I got bollocked by some Canadian friends for that) the drinking age is 19. In 3 states the age is 18. What I will have to do is either find a resort where the age is 18 or find one and work in a restaurant till January (mon birthday). Big decision!
  • I need a board and better gear. Do I buy before I go and pay extra for the flight or buy there?!
Put a comment if you have any um... y'know... comments.