Thursday, March 08, 2007

Duke of Edinboughurahrahrah

Or DofE for short!

I've taken part in DofE in the last few years and despite the fact I went for ... what seemed like a lifetime, I only got bronze done. I wanted to do silver but without sounding like a loser, I could never get silver because there was no team work! Just felt like it was me and one or two others.

Anyway, my group leader could see this and suggested that despite the fact I left, I should do the gold award in my gap-year!
And so I made the first step today and bought the correct gold book. £15 it cost me!!! £15! I could have spent that on snowboarding stuff or... or... 7 pints! Well the money is now out of my hands so I'm going to have to make it worth it.

My friends (or readerless blog, you decide), I am going to get my Gold Award and have tea with the royal family so put that in your spliff and smoke it!