Saturday, January 12, 2008

30th blog! waaaay

13 days to go.
We went into Dalescrest to buy the insurence but ... holy hell, it had gone up over £150. I went home and found their original quote was a month short! boooo.
So it looks like I will be going into Canada and around Europe with a Dogtag around my neck! Waaaay!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Not long now

So its Tuesday the ... 8th? Yeah the 8th. I fly on Saturday 26th.
I Make that 18 days till I fly.

Joe Parker has already flown. He's there now the lucky bastard. Making snow angels as you do. As is Ellie Carter although she's in Fernie. I've also found out that Amy Askew will be there throughout February aswell. Joy.

I need to finish looking for travel insurance. What is important is: 1) how much is costs initially, 2) making sure it covers what I need (snowboarding, bungee jumping, and ice skating), and 3) that it has little or no excess charges.
Dalescrest (the tourist peeps I bought my flight through) have quoted me £287 with no excess charges for the Canada trip. No idea about Europe; I would need to go back in.
Dogtag quoted me £376 for both Canada and Europe. However, they have excesses. The cover looks to be pretty much the same cover as Dalescrest. However, when using Dogtag, all I need to carry on me is a dogtag (hence the name) and no papers where everywhere else needs papers.
The Post Office were fantastic! £644 for 90 days max boarding holiday (pretty sure I'm going for 91/92) and that is before I add any bungee jumping, etc...
AXA were wierd. For the Canada trip it would be just over £224, but add Bungee jumping and it jumps to well over double that. That price also contains excess prices of £100 per time. No thanks. Although, they might be good for Europe. were TERRIBLE too. They automatically tried to sell me annual insurance despite the fact that I gave the exact dates of departure.

Looks like I will have to go with Dalescrest for Canada. W00p.