Saturday, February 24, 2007


It's days like this which show I really didn't look around properly. Damn my laziness!

Somethin real interesting came up in conversation while talking about the GY with my mum. She said Si had looked at a service called BUNAC which gives a great relief to not only Gap Year students but all those wanting to travel to North America (between the ages of 18 and 30) for a year.

One thing they help out with is my VISA which will take a whole heap load of stress off my shoulders (especially as I'm still waiting for a reply for the Rose & Crown). They also help with flights as they have a special relationship with Air Canada. This means that I will be on the flight with other Bunac members who I could hopefully travel with for the first month. Also insurance is included. As its an insurance policy for GY students, its most likely going to be the best I can find.

Here's the PDF booklet!

Obviously it costs. Joining BUNAC is £5, registration fee to 'Work Canada' is £160, insurance =£....., etc...

Tomorrow I'm going to re-read this and most likely sign up. This is going to be the first batch of the flood of money seeping out of my life savings *sigh*.


Also, I read about this a few months back but forgot to post:
Ski-pass for Banff (as of the picture):
C$689 + C$41.34 (Goods & Services Tax) = C$730
Current exchange rates: C$1 = £0.44
Current Season Ski pass price = £320.98
and thats only if I get away with being a student. If not, its £399.95!

... balls.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I've sent the letter. Phew...

No other news.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Canadians leave the Traddock (episode 2)

Another sad time for the Traddock as we lost two more Canadians. They drop like flies they really do.
We had to say goodbye to Meg & Matt today with a nice meal and a few drinks at the local pub. Food was real nice. As was the evening. I like Carling...

Anyways, a photo or two up later.

AND I still aint sent that letter.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Small update

After being told the other day that I had joined the club of 'people who never update their blogs', I thought that I should go against the grain and actually update this thing.

I still havnt sent off that letter. It has been slightly rewritten since I last showed it to you (the single reader of this blog) but I just need to get off my arse and walk the 3 meters next door to the post office and get air mail sorted out.

I was also told about where you can look for jobs not only in the UK but in quite a few other countries too. I looked in Canada and what do ya know, there isn't even a link to Banff. Shame...

Anyways, I have TV to watch and snowboarding dreams to dream. Superbowl XXXXI is on tonight till 3 so I'll probs watch it after a good double bill of 24.