Sunday, February 04, 2007

Small update

After being told the other day that I had joined the club of 'people who never update their blogs', I thought that I should go against the grain and actually update this thing.

I still havnt sent off that letter. It has been slightly rewritten since I last showed it to you (the single reader of this blog) but I just need to get off my arse and walk the 3 meters next door to the post office and get air mail sorted out.

I was also told about where you can look for jobs not only in the UK but in quite a few other countries too. I looked in Canada and what do ya know, there isn't even a link to Banff. Shame...

Anyways, I have TV to watch and snowboarding dreams to dream. Superbowl XXXXI is on tonight till 3 so I'll probs watch it after a good double bill of 24.

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