Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pump & Tap Tavern

They don't advertise with an email addy so I'm sending them a snail-mail letter. This is the majority of it:

I am writing to apply for consideration of a work placement for the 07-08 ski season. I would be most happy behind the bar, but would be very happy to do any other

For previous experience, I have been a kitchen staff member for the last 4.5 years in a hotel in my village. Once I turn 18 this month I am to be trained to work behind the bar. I believe that between now and next winter, I will have ample experience to take on a full-time barman job.

I am currently an A-level student from Yorkshire and I have had my heart set on having a gap-year in Canada for my whole life. Over the last two years I have learn to Snowboard which has ultimately made Banff my number one option as a base in my gap-year.

I have chosen the Pump & Tap Tavern as, from the website on www.taximike.com, it sounds like you would accept a fellow Brit with open arms, and as it sounds to have the correct atmosphere that I would love.

Right, lets await some replyness.

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