Saturday, February 24, 2007


It's days like this which show I really didn't look around properly. Damn my laziness!

Somethin real interesting came up in conversation while talking about the GY with my mum. She said Si had looked at a service called BUNAC which gives a great relief to not only Gap Year students but all those wanting to travel to North America (between the ages of 18 and 30) for a year.

One thing they help out with is my VISA which will take a whole heap load of stress off my shoulders (especially as I'm still waiting for a reply for the Rose & Crown). They also help with flights as they have a special relationship with Air Canada. This means that I will be on the flight with other Bunac members who I could hopefully travel with for the first month. Also insurance is included. As its an insurance policy for GY students, its most likely going to be the best I can find.

Here's the PDF booklet!

Obviously it costs. Joining BUNAC is £5, registration fee to 'Work Canada' is £160, insurance =£....., etc...

Tomorrow I'm going to re-read this and most likely sign up. This is going to be the first batch of the flood of money seeping out of my life savings *sigh*.


Also, I read about this a few months back but forgot to post:
Ski-pass for Banff (as of the picture):
C$689 + C$41.34 (Goods & Services Tax) = C$730
Current exchange rates: C$1 = £0.44
Current Season Ski pass price = £320.98
and thats only if I get away with being a student. If not, its £399.95!

... balls.

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