Sunday, November 12, 2006

Banff Jobs

*sigh* My brother is pretty much pushing me to get a job at Fairmont Springs; a massive hotel in Banff. See that's not for me. While he's on his final year doing a course in all that sort of thing, its just... not me.
Its kind of saying to a chav "I think you should a job as an accountant", while all they want to do is work in McDonalds. They may be capable of being an accountant (though I HIGHLY doubt any chav having an IQ over 4), but they are more suited to McDonalds. Its the same with me, I'm more suited to a bar than a posh hotel as my career isn't linked to hotels at all.
Ok, rant over.

So, here's the list of some of the posh places that I could work at:And some of the bars which grabbed my attention:

Phew... some good research done there, helped by TaxiMike! There are others available bars, pubs, and restaurants available and I wont just leave them out, but at the moment the list above seems cool. Especially The Pump and Tap! Check out their page most deffinatly!

Right, next step is to make a choice, contact them, and then apply for a Canadian Visa!

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