Sunday, November 05, 2006

Links bar

Hope you notice the links bar to the right of the page. I'm going to be continually updating it.

It's in three sections: My Canada Links, Gap Year Links, My Links.

My Canada Links:
This is mostly going to help me while I'm in Canada. It will act as a bookmarks list which will stay with me on every computer I use. Already I have Lonely Planet's Canada book link, and a link to Wikitravel's Canada page.

Gap Year links:
This is for any readers out there (anyone..?) who want help researching for a gap year. Important links which will help you.

My Links:
Stuff about me, my band, blah blah blah. Feel free to probe into my life. That's what this blog is about anyways!

I want to explain about Lonely Planet. These books are a traveller's Bible! No Gap Year participator should leave or even plan without one. They include maps, notes about every single city, town and village, guides to hostels and hotels. Basically everything about everywhere! I'm not going to be buying my Canada book until near next Summer so I can get the latest version with all the up to date maps, prices, and details. I suggest every buyer do the same.

Wikitravel was pointed out to me by a Canadian chef I work with who told me that he planned his whole trip out here using it. Andy's cool. He comes from Nova Scotia which is Latin for 'New Scotland'. Apparently the who province is a wannabe Scotland. I'm not too sure about how long I'll be able to stand it there after that description, haha.

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