Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gap Year delayed - but not by much

OK, the latest.
I worte out a letter and a CV to send to the Pump and Tap. Over the last few nights we have tried to fax it to them but the fax hasnt actually worked.
So, for about the fifth time of calling the P&T, and asking for the manager, I to the home telephone number of one of the senior staff. So I called him and gained his email address. Then I went to the pub! Hazzar!

I've emailed 'Warren' the letter and CV so its all in his court now.

Once I get the reply, I should be able to apply for the VISE, then rebook my flights. I'll get to talk to Beth again, which will be nice. Never a problem!

I've transferred my lfe savings nover to my HSBC current account so it now holds over £1700. I had never held such a large ammout at once. It was a check and not cash so it wasnt as cool as it could have been.

The Canadian dollar is down, and has been for a while if yo check out the pic. Boo! Things wont be as cheep as I thought they were going to be!

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