Friday, August 24, 2007

3rd October 2007 - The countdown begins

STA Travel were awesome today. I was served by the lovely Beth who helped me get things sorted. Most importantly, my flights were booked. Im flying fully British Airways so hopefully the flight will have a heap load of films.
Heres my itinerary (without the needless details):

(3rd October)
Manchester > London Heathrow > Vancouver International

(8th June 2008)
Montreal > London Heathrow > Manchester

I actually get back on the 9th June because the flight from Montreal to Heathrow is a night flight so I can annoy everyone while theyre trying to sleep by laughing out loud at the latest Will Ferrel film they have on board.

Right, the VISA is a bit complicated. As always, theres the option of trying to get a job there first and doing it through the Canadian Embassy but there may be an easier way. STA Travel have an affiliate company who may do work Visas for Canada. Beth is calling me back on Tuesday (Mondays a bank holiday so she gets a day off), to give me the news. I've got some forms to fill in so far).

STA Travel do insurance but I will still look around for the best deal. I have to go for pretty much a full deal ith travel insurance because not many cover Snow Boarding and, well, you can get serverly messed up while snowboarding.

Beth showed me that there are alot of websites on the internet for people like me who want jobs in other countries. Some even, as an incentive for you to work for them, actually give you the forms for a working VISA. Lets just see what happens there, hey?

Last of All
I found an option which Blogger gives. थिस टेक्स्ट इस अवेसोमे! Can you read that? Hey?

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